When the power goes out, your Security Doctors alarm system keeps running.

Snow has already fallen over much of the country this month, but winter is only just beginning. When the season's worst storms come, you can rest easy knowing your Security Doctors alarm system will keep your home protected, even if the power goes out.

Every winter, ice storms and heavy snow knock out electrical lines across the United States. If your home security system doesn't have back-up battery power, that means that your home will be exposed to the threat of burglary, theft and home invasion.

Now, you may be thinking, "What fool is dumb enough to burglarize homes during the middle of a snow storm?"

Well, sadly, a lot of burglars are – especially since many are under the influence of drugs (or motivated by their addictions) when they commit these crimes. They don't care whether you're home, or what tracks they'll leave. If they want something inside your house, they'll do whatever it takes to get it.

Think about what this actually means...

What if the power stays out overnight, when you're in bed? Or, what if you're away from home? How will you know your home is protected – and how will burglars know to keep out?

With a Security Doctors alarm system, you're always protected. Whether you're home or away, electricity on or off, our systems keep running. Our alarm professionals deploy only the newest, top-of-the-line security equipment, designed with back-up battery power to protect against power outages or tampering (i.e. a burglar who cuts the lines outside your house). So, no matter what Jack Frost brings this year, you can have peace of mind that Security Doctors is keeping you safe, 24/7.

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