This common appliance can destroy your home …

Water Heater Leak Sensor

There's one in almost every home. It's a necessity and convenience we all want and need. Yet, there comes a time in almost every home when it fails and can destroy everything.

What is this potentially disastrous item, and why do we all have one?

The water heater.

It supplies hot water for sinks, showers and vital appliances throughout your home. But homeowners must not forget that the water heater tank is filled with up to 70 gallons or more of water. And if that water leaks out, it can cause a lot of damage – fast.

Every day, aging water heaters leak from corrosion, cracks in the tank and other malfunctions. But if your water heater is in the basement, as most people's are, you may never know anything is wrong until it's too late.

A leaking water heater can be extremely dangerous. Besides ruining any personal possessions in your basement, water can cause serious structural damage, as well as mold.

But one of the most urgent dangers is the risk of fire. If the water comes into contact with outlets, wires or other electrical devices, it can spark a fire. If you're not home or asleep, one small water leak can turn into a devastating situation.

This is why Security Doctors offers a simple water sensor that can be added to any of our security systems. If there's a leak in your basement, the sensor will notify our 24-hour monitoring center and we'll take action to notify you (or the appropriate authorities) immediately.

Even if you have a tankless water heater, there is always a risk of a major water leak if you have any water lines running through your basement. Give us a call to see how easy it is to protect your home, family and possessions with this simple little sensor.

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