The Danger of Leaving Notes & Packages at the Front Door

With the rise of online retailers like Amazon, more families are doing their shopping from home. Naturally, this means more people are also returning unwanted or damaged merchandise back to retailers, often by leaving packages at the front door for shipping providers.

These days, USPS and all the major shipping companies offer some form of home pick-up service. Just leave your pre-labeled package on the front step, and the post office will come get it.

The convenience is great, but unfortunately this process also creates a serious security risk.

Here's why:

  1. By leaving your package outside, unattended, you run the risk of it being stolen. Anybody driving by or walking through the neighborhood can see it. If the UPS guy can come grab it when you're not there, what's stopping anyone else?
  2. A package at the front door also creates attention. Burglars may not even bother taking it. But they'll use it to gauge when you're away, so they can score a bigger loot inside. Also, if you were lax about leaving a package outside, burglars will assume you're lax about your home security too. That makes your home a bigger target.
  3. To make matters worse, some people leave notes on their front door with instructions for the shipping guys. Big signs that read, "UPS PICKUP!" or "PACKAGE AT SIDE DOOR." These notes make your home even more enticing to burglars. Just like the package itself, these notes draw attention to your home and make it clear that your package is free for the taking.

The right way

So, what's the best way to leave your package out front without creating a security risk?

The answer is: don't.

While it may be an inconvenience to take your package directly to a shipping facility, this is absolutely the safest method. No packages on the doorstep. No notes. It's that simple.

If you absolutely must leave a package, schedule the pickup for when you're home. And if you absolutely must be away, then call the shipping provider to arrange for special instructions, such as leaving the package in a lockbox. Another simple solution is having it picked up from wherever you're going, such as your work address.

These simple steps remove the risk of theft and make your home less of a target to burglars.

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