Protect against bursting pipes this winter

It happens every winter, all across the country. Temperatures drop, pipes freeze and they burst.

Bursting pipes can cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage – not just from the broken pipes, but from the water that then floods your home.

Imagine coming home from Thanksgiving travel to discover your heat isn't working, you have no running water and your basement is flooded – all because of one frozen pipe that cracked or burst. It's late Sunday, the night before you go back to work, and now you're calling plumbers and moving boxes out of the basement to save your belongings.

That one little cracked pipe is now a disaster.

At Security Doctors, we understand the costly threat of frozen pipes in homes and businesses. That's why our alarm systems can be equipped with a special Low Temperature Sensor that warns you when temps are dropping near freezing levels.


  1. You're away from home.
  2. Your heat system fails.
  3. At the first sign of freezing temperatures, your Low Temperature Sensor would trigger a signal to the Security Doctors monitoring center.
  4. Our dispatch specialists will contact you, so you can take action immediately.

Just like that, you've prevented the risk of bursting pipes and potentially saved thousands of dollars.

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