Prevent your identity from being stolen in 2014

One of the biggest news stories of the 2013 holiday season was the massive data breach at Target. A whopping 40 million debit and credit cards were compromised by sophisticated hackers. Many customers are already experiencing the aftermath. As their personal information is bought and sold on the black market, fraudulent purchases are showing up on their credit card bills and crippling their credit reports.

Cases like this and identity theft are becoming increasingly common, year after year. On average, identity theft costs each victim $4,841 in damage.

But that doesn't mean you can't protect yourself!

Today, it's critical for every American to have identity theft protection. And now, you can get this security from the same company that you trust to protect your home and family: Security Doctors.

Security Doctors leverages cutting-edge technology and the nations’ largest identity theft database to provide you with the most advanced identity theft protection available.

Our identity theft solution not only rapidly detects identity fraud, but also proactively defends against it. In the event that fraud occurs, Security Doctors can halt it before real damage is done. Plus, we offer comprehensive identity restoration to restore everything back to normal.

Don't be the next victim. For most Americans, experiencing identity theft isn't a question of "if" it will happen – it's "when" it will happen. For as little as 35 cents a day, you could prevent potentially thousands of dollars in damage.

Learn more about our identify theft protection or contact us today to protect your identity in 2014!

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Identity Theft protection from Security Doctors

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