New home? 7 Things to Do Immediately

7 things to do to secure your new home

Moving into a new home is an exciting process, but it's also a crucial time to think about your family's safety and security. As soon as you move in, follow these simple tips to protect your new dwelling against burglary, home invasion, fire, and other threats.

  1. Rekey the locks.
    This is extremely important. Who knows how many keys to your home are floating around out there? Not just from the families who lived there, but also their extended family members, friends, neighbors, contractors who did work in the home and others who may have had access at one time or another. Don't take the chance of an old key falling into the wrong hands. Rekey the locks immediately.
  2. Make sure all the windows and doors can close and lock.
    Locking mechanisms must work properly. Take the time to check every single one – don't forget any basement windows and doors!
  3. Check all exterior lights.
    Don't let your front light go dim. If the bulb is out, replace it immediately. A home that looks vacant or dark will always be an invitation for intruders.
  4. Get to know your neighbors.
    It's the neighborly thing to do – but it can also keep you safe. It's good to know who lives in the homes around you, so that you can spot someone who looks suspicious. The same goes for your neighbors: once that know what you look like, they'll be able to know when a stranger is lurking on your property.
  5. Determine a new fire exit plan.
    This is a good time to create a family plan for fire emergencies. Where should the family meet if everyone must rush out of the house immediately? How will you exit the second floor if the first floor is filled with smoke/flames? These are all things you need to discuss with everyone living in your home.
  6. Don't leave any "expensive" boxes out front.
    If you're buying a new TV or other items for your home, it's not a good idea to discard the boxes with your regular curbside trash. Those empty boxes make it clear to burglars what valuables you have in your home. Instead, take the boxes to your local waste/recycling processing center.
  7. Install/update security system.
    The single best way to keep your home secure is to install a professionally monitored alarm system. If there's an older alarm system already installed, first make sure it's inactive (i.e. previous owners can't use their codes to get in). Call us to have a Security Doctors Authorized Dealer inspect the system, eliminate any outdated technology and ensure sure your alarm is working properly.

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