"My dog is my security system."

Guard Dog

We hear it all the time. Homeowners who have dogs often have the false notion that they are shielded from burglary, because Fido will keep them safe.

Although we are dog lovers ourselves (many of our staff and dealers have dogs), we can't help but cringe when someone says, "I don't need a security system. I have a dog."

It's true that many dogs will alert their owners when something is amiss. After all, this is an inherent trait in dogs. In the wild, dogs will alert the pack about potential dangers by barking wildly. But homeowners must understand that this doesn't mean your pup will be able to provide any protection at all in your home.

Consider this:

  • Countless police reports have proven dogs to be very unreliable when burglaries happen late at night. While some dogs are awoken by the disturbance, others remain asleep as the criminals quietly steal the homeowners’ belongings. Don't assume your dog will hear a burglar or react!
  • What if you're not home? Skilled burglars know whether you're inside or away – and a barking dog won't stop them if they have a weapon. It's awful to think about, but how will your dog defend himself if the intruder has a gun or other violent intentions?
  • Even if you and your dog are awoken by an intruder – what then? These situations can escalate very quickly, and a nervous burglar is unpredictable. Without a home security system, no one else will know something is wrong until it's too late. Why take the risk?
  • Intruders aren't the only danger you need to worry about! Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide kill people (and their pets) every year. Your dog can only do so much in situations like this. (In the case of carbon monoxide – an odorless, invisible gas – neither you nor your dog will know anything is wrong.) On the other hand, a monitored security system ensures that help will be on the way automatically.

These are only a handful of the MANY reasons why dogs are not – and SHOULD NOT be – substitutes for a home security alarm. If you want to have true, 24-hour protection for your home, family and possessions, give us a call today.

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