Must-Have Security for 2015: Gas Leak Detector

Approximately half of U.S. homes use natural gas to heat their homes, according to the Energy Information Administration. And with the country going through a "natural gas boom," these numbers are expected to continue rising in the years ahead.

But what about the safety of natural gas?

Natural gas is highly combustible. When it comes into contact with an ignition source (i.e. fire or even the flick of a light switch), it can explode. This is why any natural gas heating system or appliance must be professionally installed. But even then, accidental gas leaks still can and do occur.

Even when natural gas isn't ignited, a leak can be deadly if it displaces enough air in a small space. Explosions and inhalation injuries happen every year, all over the world.

This is why Security Doctors strongly recommends that every home has a Gas Leak Detector.

This simple device provides early warning of gas leaks, so you can take immediate action. It can be easily installed in any home, and it can also be connected to an existing home security system.

For example, if a gas leak occurred while you were asleep or away, your gas leak detector would cause the security alarm to sound – plus, it would alert the dispatch operators at our 24-hour monitoring center. Without this system in place, a gas leak in your home could quickly turn into a major disaster – and nobody would know until it was too late.

As we embark on a New Year, consider the ways in which you'll keep your family safe in 2015. Talk to a Security Doctors Alarm Professional to learn more about our Gas Leak Detector and other essential Life Safety Devices.

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