How to hide valuables in your home

On our blog, we spend a lot of time talking about important ways to secure your home's exterior and deter burglars. But what about the instances in which burglars actually break into your home? There are a few important things you can do to reduce the risk of your most valuable possessions being stolen.

Remember, burglars are typically looking for one thing: money or items that can be quickly sold for cash. If they can't find what they're looking for quickly enough, they will leave and move onto the next home. Here's what you can do to ensure that happens.

  1. Put money away.

    Leaving cash on the counter is an invitation for it to be stolen. But also, it sends a message to burglars: "There's money in this house. And the owner clearly doesn't care about it." This can lead the burglar to believe he'd find plenty other valuables on display throughout the home, thus making him stay for a longer period of time.

  2. Hide valuables.

    Digital cameras, jewelry, gadgets. There's no reason why these items should be left out in plain sight, especially if you're not at home. Store valuables away in secure, unobvious locations – in boxes, containers, closets, etc. – anywhere but the dining room table or on display on shelves. This will make the valuables harder to find, and you'll appreciate having a clutter-free space too!

  3. Use a safe.

    For the most valuable items – high-end electronics, precious metals, important files and so on – you should consider investing in a high-quality safe. Don't risk having these valuables stolen, even if your insurance policy would cover it. Use a safe to keep them secure and out of sight.

  4. Get creative.

    There are tons of great articles online with advice on how to hide your valuables discreetly – in places where burglars will never look. Hollowed-out books, empty VHS tapes, false containers in your kitchen cupboards, empty paint cans – you get the idea. Each of these are fun, easy projects that can significantly reduce the chances of your stuff being stolen. 

Remember, there are plenty of ways to prevent burglars from ever entering your home in the first place – and the most critical line of defense is a home security system. But in the event that an intruder were to ever break into your home, you can ensure that little will be taken – and that the burglar will be quick to leave – by keep valuables hidden or locked up.

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