Halloween is a frighteningly ideal time for burglaries

We recently posted a great article on our Facebook page about home security tips for Halloween. With all the fun of dressing up, decorating and taking the kids trick-or-treating, it's easy to let your guard down on Halloween – and that's exactly what burglars are counting on.

To ensure you and your family stay safe, let's take a closer look at some simple ways to fend off the bad guys.

  • Keep your home well lit. Even if you don't plan on handing out candy or won't be home at all, keep plenty of lights on inside. This tells burglars or pranksters that someone may be inside, making your home less desirable to attack.
  • Set a cut-off time for candy. Consider turning off your front light and locking your doors around 8:30pm, when most trick-or-treaters have already come and gone. And most importantly: do NOT answer the door after this time, because it may not be a child.
  • Your car may be a target, too. Keep your vehicle in clear view of your windows – or locked inside your garage. Otherwise it could be a target for pranksters or thieves. If you park in the street or driveway, then don't leave your garage door opener inside the vehicle. A burglar can quietly break a car window to grab the opener and gain access to your home.
  • Mischief Night still exists. Pranksters still roam on the night before Halloween, and some are out for more than just mischief. Protect your property by keeping lights on (inside and out), and being vigilant. Don't be afraid to call police if you spot something suspicious.
  • Keep windows and doors locked. While you're handing out candy at the front door, keep all other doors and windows closed and locked.

No matter what your plans are for this spooky holiday, remember to be safe, make sure your children stick with an adult or buddy, and have a happy Halloween!

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