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At Security Doctors, we often talk about how a home security system can be a major deterrent for burglars. By simply placing the "Protected by Security Doctors" yard sign in front of your home, it works to keep the bad guys away.

But that's only one of the many different advantages of having an alarm system. Perhaps the biggest and most important reason is that the system is monitored. That means your system sends alarm signals to our 24-hour monitoring center whenever there's a disturbance – whether it's an open door, a broken window, smoke, carbon monoxide, unexpected movement inside the home, or a number of other events, depending on your system's setup.

As soon as we receive your alarm signal at our monitoring center, our dispatch operators take action. Depending on the signal, they'll attempt to make contact with you and send the appropriate authorities, whether it be police, the fire department or emergency medical responders.

So whether you're injured, being held a gun point inside the home, unconscious from a gas leak or fall, or miles away from home, we'll send help automatically. This fast response is often what makes the difference between life and death. With an unmonitored system, there would be no response at all.

As a Security Doctors customer, you also have the option of keeping vital information stored securely in our monitoring system's computer system, such as important medical information that can be given to responders, so they can provide the appropriate care on arrival (prescriptions, existing conditions, etc.). This type of information is only accessible by our dispatch operators in an emergency situation.

Statistics show that homes without security systems are several times more likely to be burglarized. Not only that, there are greater risks of a life-threatening situation going undetected until it's too late.

Why take that risk? With a Security Doctors home security system, you can have peace of mind knowing that help will be on the way automatically when danger strikes your home.

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