Beware the dangers of DIY "security" devices


As we enter a new era of the "Internet of Things," lots of cheap, do-it-yourself home security devices are making headlines these days – but not for good reasons.

Experts are finding serious failings in these systems, as discovered by researchers at Symantec, HP and others. These relatively new devices, often manufactured by little-known companies, are full of flaws that leave users exposed to creeps around the world.

In one study by HP, researchers noted: "The intent of these systems is to provide security and remote monitoring to a home owner." But “given the vulnerabilities we discovered, the owner of the home security system may not be the only one monitoring the home."

As it turns out, these poorly made wifi cameras, door locks and other devices can be easily compromised and controlled from the outside.

Like any DIY project, you must be ready to face the consequences when you take on something without the proper skills or knowhow. But unlike a faulty DIY spice rack that simply teeters to one side, a faulty DIY security system can put your family's lives and privacy at risk. This is one of several reasons why we constantly stress the importance of a professional, monitored security system.

Here are some other key differences you need to know:

  • A monitored home security system connects your system with a live monitoring station, staffed by highly trained professionals who send help when your alarm is triggered – whether you're at home, injured, asleep or away. DIY devices don't offer this critical extra level of protection.
  • Some DIY security cams actually cost MORE than monitored systems, charging you for saving your footage "in the cloud" – yet they offer no professional monitoring.
  • A monitored home security system is professionally installed by a trained security technician. A sophisticated, secure alarm system like this isn't a job for do-it-yourself-ers.
  • When choosing a security system, it's best to go with reputable, well-established companies like Security Doctors, using technology from established manufacturers like Honeywell, which has been pioneering the security industry for decades.

With Total Connect from Security Doctors, you get the convenience of monitoring and controlling your alarm system from virtually anywhere – over a secure connection right from your smartphone or tablet – with the peace of mind that it's backed by 24/7 monitoring from trained professionals.

Don't fall for the DIY trap. Call Security Doctors to see how we can provide you and your family with complete protection.

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