Avoid frozen pipes with a low-temperature sensor

Avoid frozen pipes with a temperature sensor

Bone-chilling temperatures have been wreaking havoc on homeowners across the United States this month, as many residents' ice-clogged pipes are bursting. Plumbers throughout Northeast have reported a spike in calls about frozen pipes, and homeowners are being hit with costly bills for repairs.

As temperatures drop, pipes that are exposed to the cold are at risk of freezing and bursting. The immediate inconvenience that most people notice is low water pressure. But that's just the beginning of many other problems.

A single small crack in a pipe can easily flood an entire basement. If the pipe is in the walls of an unheated home (say, if your heating system failed while you were away), it could quickly destroy your living space. And depending on the circumstances that caused the pipe to burst, your homeowner's insurance may not cover the cost of repairs.

A common tip for preventing frozen pipes is running a small amount of water (just a trickle) when low temperatures are expected. Pipes exposed to the cold should also be thoroughly insulated.

But what about times when you're not at home, away on vacation or at work? During the winter, there's always the risk of pipes freezing – especially if your heating system dies unexpectedly.

The best way to prevent a frozen-pipe catastrophe is to install a Low Temperature Sensor from Security Doctors. This simple little sensor is connected to your Security Doctors Alarm System and it triggers a signal at the first sign of freezing temperatures in your home. So, even if you're not at home, the sensor will notify our monitoring center, and we'll contact you to let you know of the situation.

Frozen pipes can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage – sometimes in just minutes! Take the safe route. Contact Security Doctors to find out how you can protect your home with a Low Temperature Sensor and never worry about frozen pipes again.

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