As temperatures drop, it's time to lock windows


To prevent the risk of burglary and intrusion, it's best to lock your windows and doors every night, year-round. But as pleasant fall temperatures arrive, it's tempting for many homeowners to leave the windows open all day and night, or leave them closed but unlocked. "Why bother locking them if you're just going open them again in the morning?" Right?

Wrong. An unlocked window is an open invitation for burglars at any time of year. As seasons change, savvy thieves will especially be on the lookout for homes that aren't being careful about security.

It happens every year. People leave their windows open or unlocked in the fall, thinking that burglary won't happen to them. But inevitably, their homes are burglarized. The worst part about burglars entering an open window is that they can do it very quietly – often while the homeowners are asleep. After all, these burglars don't have to break any glass or tamper with any door locks. They simply cut through the screen and welcome themselves into your home.

Don't take the risk!

  • Start right now: go around the house to double-check that every window is closed and locked.
  • If you open windows during the day, be sure to close and lock them at night (and every time you leave your home).
  • Don't forget about basement windows! This is one of the most common access points for burglars.
  • Be sure that any garage or shed doors are also locked. Burglars not only steal from these areas but also use them as a gauge of a homeowner's general attitude toward home security. i.e. An unlocked shed door may be sign that the house is not well-secured either.
  • Bonus: Locking certain types of windows also creates a stronger seal, which will help prevent drafts this winter.

Remember that Security Doctors' alarm systems come with window contacts that detect when a window has been opened. So even if you've forgotten to lock the window at night, your system will alert you when one is opened, and our 24/7 monitoring center will be notified as well.

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