6 Reasons to Consider Home Security Cameras

 Home security cameras

At Security Doctors, we often tell families that professionally installed security cameras are a great way to keep their homes even safer. But how exactly? What are the practical reasons to consider adding cameras to your alarm system?

Let's take a look at just a few of these reasons, plus ways you could use the cameras on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Deter bad guys. Just like the yard sign and window decals for your alarm system, no device scares off burglars more than security cameras. If they spot one at the front door, or inside your home, chances are they won't want to bother with your home at all, in fear of getting caught. This alone can provide a critical first line of defense against thieves and intruders.
  2. Catch them in the act. Today's cameras from Security Doctors have motion detectors that can alert you (and our monitoring center) when they sense an intruder. So, if a thief does enter your home, they can be caught red-handed.
  3. Evidence used in court. Many homeowners don't consider the legal repercussions of being burglarized. Even the criminal is caught, complex laws could make it difficult to prosecute if there's not enough evidence. Having security cameras can ensure that every second of the thief's wrongdoings are recorded on camera. Plus, this may help in retrieving any valuable possessions that were stolen from your home.
  4. Check on the house while you're away. Total Connect from Security Doctors lets you check on your home right from your smartphone, your tablet or any Internet-connected computer – even if you're thousands of miles away. This is a great way to check on the babysitter, keep up with your kids or just keep an eye on things when you're out.
  5. Catch the bad guys that YOU invited in your home. Nannies, babysitters, contractors … these are just a few of the strangers you let into your home throughout the year. But how do you know you can fully trust these people? With security cameras, you can catch anyone in the act of wrongdoing, and also send a clear message that you're watching them when you're not there.
  6. Protect what matters most. All of the reasons above ultimately help to protect you, your family and your possessions. With security cameras in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that you've taken the extra precautions to keep your home safe, 24/7.

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