6 Dangerous Home Security Fails

At Security Doctors, we're never short of advice on how to keep your home safe – not just by adding a home security system, but also by doing little things to deter burglars and protect your family from other common household dangers, such as fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

But what about the bad home security practices? We see them all the time – usually in police reports, after the crimes have been committed. When we see this reports, all we can do is shake our heads.

Let look at some of these common home security fails and why you should avoid them.

  1. Dogs as a security guards

    Sorry, dog owners. Your pup just doesn't make good watchman. A savvy burglar can sway most dogs to keep quiet by simply offering a few yummy treats. Many dogs won't even know the burglar is there. Don't assume that because your dog barks at the mailman that he'll wake you up when an intruder enters your home at night. Also, keep in mind you won't hear your dog barking when you're not at home!
  2. Cheap wifi cameras

    There's been an explosion of these on the market in recent years, and unfortunately many people assume they are substitute for a real home security system. They're not. These Internet-connected cameras have numerous security flaws. Plus, even if they catch a burglar in the act, there's not much you can do about it. With a professional security system from Security Doctors, our 24-hour monitoring station would send authorities to your home automatically.
  3. Spare keys under the doormat

    Hiding your key under a mat is no more secure than simply leaving the key in plain sight. Virtually every burglar will check under the mat for a key – it's the single most common place where people hide them.
  4. Open windows
    In the summer, many people lock the door before they go to bed, but they keep the windows open to let the cool air in. What's the point? If you're going to leave the window open (or unlocked), you might as well just keep the front door completely open for burglars.
  5. Open garage doors
Same issue as the open windows. Some people lock their front door at night, but leave the garage open. Garages are an ideal entry point for burglars: often the interior door (from the garage to the home) is unlocked or can be easily compromised if it doesn't have a deadbolt. If you're leaving your garage open at night, you're asking for trouble.
  6. Weapons by the bed

    Naturally, we're not in position to tell homeowners how to defend themselves against intruders in their own homes. But we can tell you how to prevent those intruders from entering in the first place. A gun, taser, pepper spray and other weapons might protect you when things go bad. But they should be the last line of defense, not the first. A home security system, along with a well-lit exterior and a Security Doctors yard sign, can significantly reduce the chances that you'll ever need those bedside weapons. 

  7. No batteries in the smoke detector

    Remember, home security isn't just about protection from burglary. Smoke and fire are even more deadly. This is why it's critical to have working smoke detectors, ideally monitored 24/7 as part of a professional home security system.

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