5 Reasons to Have a Personal Emergency Response System

Emergency Alert Devices

Many people assume that medical alert buttons are only for seniors. But the reality is these devices are lifesaving tools that should be in almost every home, regardless of age or health.

Medical alert buttons (sometimes called PERS, which is short for personal emergency response systems) are sort of like home security alarms, but for people. When you need assistance, feel sick, get injured, or something just isn't right, you push a button to get help right away. The button is located on a small, waterproof pendant that can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. When you push it, it activates a two-way voice console in your home. Trained specialists at our 24-hour monitoring center make contact with you – they speak to you over the console, and send the help you need (police, fire or medical responders).

Every second counts in an emergency. That's why these devices are critical. They're faster and easier than dialing 9-1-1, especially if you're injured, unable to move or can't reach the phone for whatever reason.

Here are some great examples of people who should absolutely have a personal emergency response system in their homes.

  1. You live alone.
    Live-alone residents, of all ages, have a greater risk of being stranded without help in an emergency, because there's no one they can turn to in their homes. If they are seriously injured, have a bad fall or become too ill to move (all very common scenarios), no one else will know about it until it's too late. Having a PERS system ensures that help is always just a button-press away.
  2. You have kids.
    Having children in the home presents many additional dangers. Even very young children understand how to operate a medical alert system (after all, you just push a button). If you hire a babysitter, for example, you can give them the pendant while you're out, so that they (or your child) can get fast help in an emergency – and so you can have peace of mind.
  3. You're an empty-nester.
    Once the kids have grown up and left the home, you lose a certain layer of security: if something happens to you, there's no longer someone to call out to. Even if you live with your spouse, there are probably numerous times, every day, when only one of you is at home. Having a medical alert button nearby ensures you're never truly "alone."
  4. You already have an injury, illness or medical condition.
    If you have an increased risk of medical problems, then it's imperative that you have faster access to emergency responders. You never know what tomorrow will bring. With a PERS system, you can rest easy knowing you have an invaluable level of protection.
  5. You're a senior.
    By now, you can see why medical alert systems aren't just for seniors. But let's not lose sight of the importance of having one as your age increases. One bad fall can be life-threatening for otherwise healthy seniors – especially if you're unable to get help quick enough. Why take the risk? Having a medical alert button just makes sense.

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