5 reasons to follow your local police on Facebook

Only a few years ago, getting important news from your local police department involved getting a letter sent through the mail, phone calls to the entire community, or an announcement on the local news. But let's face it – in emergency situations, none of these communication methods were very effective.

Today, it's easy to find out what's happening in your community by following your local police department on social media sites, such as Facebook. Most police departments have their own Facebook page or even a Twitter account. If they don't, consider following your county or state police. Chances are you already use Facebook at least once a week, if not several times a day. By "liking" your local police, you'll get important announcements right in your newsfeed.

Here are a few examples of police announcements you wouldn’t want to miss:

  1. Reports of local burglary, break-ins, etc.
    When communities experience a string of burglaries, police want everyone to know. By following your local police, you'll know if there have been break-ins in your neighborhood, so you and your neighbors can stay vigilant.
  2. Missing persons
    When a child (or an adult) goes missing, every minute counts. Police often post descriptions of missing persons on their Facebook pages, so that local residents and businesses know to be on the lookout. Plus, you have the ability to share those posts with all of your Facebook friends, greatly increasing the number of people who see it.
  3. Photos/videos of suspected criminals
    When burglaries, break-ins and other crimes are caught on camera, police need help identifying the culprits. These images and videos are often posted on Facebook so that everyone in the community can review them and potentially point the police in the right direction.
  4. Road closures, accidents, DUI checkpoints, emergency routes and so on
    Police can help you avoid road closures and accidents, and get home safely. Following their page on Facebook is a simple way to ensure you get these announcements every time they're posted.
  5. Safety tips and local ordinances
    From Halloween safety tips to local laws about burning leaves, your local police department is an invaluable resource for information. Many departments will post helpful tips and ordinance reminders on Facebook to help keep residents safe.

Take a moment to search for your local police on Facebook. While you're at it, you may want to consider following your local fire departments as well. At the very least, you'll be more informed about what's going on in your community; and at most, following these organizations could keep you and your family out of harm's way whenever danger is nearby.

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