4 Safe Alternatives to Hiding a Spare House Key

Hiding a spare key

Almost all of us are guilty of leaving a spare house key outside. After all, it's convenient. When you're away, a house sitter can use the key to get inside. Also, if you ever lock yourself out, you'll have a backup waiting for you.

But despite the convenience, it's also incredibly unsafe. Most people don't do a very good job of hiding the key. They leave it in the most obvious places: under the doormat, under a plant, on top of the doorframe or other spots that are extremely obvious to burglars. Even if you've think you've found the "perfect" hiding spot, chances are a savvy criminal can find it.

So, what are you supposed to do if you can't leave a spare key outside? Here are few great options that offer the same convenience without the risks.

  • Electronic keypad locks
    Replace your standard lock with an electronic keypad. These are increasingly common these days, and many offer the security of a sturdy deadbolt. The keypad will enable you or your house sitter to easily enter the home at any time without the need for a regular key. You simply enter a security PIN code instead.
  • Outdoor lockbox
    Lockboxes are common among realtors who need anytime-access to homes, so they can do showings for their clients. But they're also a great way for homeowners to leave a spare key outside without making it accessible to burglars. You simply put a key in the lockbox, which is only accessible by entering a PIN. The lockbox itself can be secured to almost any object outside your home, as long as it is sturdy.
  • Give a spare key to a friend or neighbor
    Even safer: don't leave a key on your property at all! Instead, just give it to the friend who will be checking on your house while you're away. And if you're worried about locking yourself out, then consider giving a spare key to a neighbor.
  • Home security system with remote entry
    Did you know that your Security Doctors Alarm System can be equipped with a remote entry system that allows you to unlock your door from your phone or other connected devices? This is particularly useful for families when the kids are constantly coming and going (and forgetting their keys), or for when weekend guests arrive and need entry while you're at work.

Do yourself a favor and stop hiding a spare house key outside. Use one of these methods above and you'll significantly reduce the chance of a burglar getting inside your home when you're not there.

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