3 Times a 'Bad Santa' Tried to Enter Through the Chimney

For children, part of the fun of Christmas is delighting in the story of Santa Claus and how he magically comes down the chimney to leave gifts under the tree.

But for adults, the idea of someone actually coming down the Christmas tree has become a legitimate security concern.

Every year, we hear about sad stories of burglars and other intruders who attempt to enter homes through the chimney. These stories are often amusing at first, except in most cases it doesn't end well for the intruder. The invasions almost always result in serious injury or even death – all because the intruder needed some cash. Some may argue it's retribution for the attempted crime, but no matter how you look at it, it's nobody's idea of a happy holiday.

Let's look at just three cases of these "bad Santas" who tried to enter through the chimney.

  1. Fresno County, California, November 2015
    A few weeks ago, many news outlets reported on the story of a suspected burglar who became stuck in the chimney of a Central California home. The intruder was a 19-year-old who remained stuck inside the chimney for almost 24 hours. Sadly, he died of burns and smoke inhalation after the homeowner returned the next day and started a fire in the fireplace.
  2. Oxnard, California, October 2015
    Just a few weeks earlier, another California teen was arrested for attempting to break into a commercial property through the chimney. The 15-year-old was heard yelling for help inside the chimney. Fire crews took almost four hours to rescue him by tearing the chimney apart. They then took him to the hospital, and later, to jail.
  3. Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 2014
    This 17-year-old thief did it a little backwards. He came dressed as Santa, complete with a red jacket, but he didn't enter through the chimney. Instead, he used it for his exit. Sure enough, he got stuck inside with his bag of loot and was heard screaming for help. Authorities drilled a hole through the wall inside the home to break through the chimney and arrest the teen.

These weren't the only cases of intruders coming down chimneys, and they certainly won't be the last. Over the holidays, remember to keep your home well-lit and secure to prevent your house from being a target in the first.

Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

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