3 Simple Security Tips for Spring

Security Tips

Temperatures are finally warming up again, which means it's time to go over some important security tips for spring and summer.

As the weather gets nicer, we remind people every year that this is a prime time for burglary. In spring and summer, more people are on the street enjoying the outdoors – but not all of them are who you think they are. Savvy burglars use this time of year to scope out homes that look vacant or unsecure. If you don't stay vigilant, you could be practically inviting the bad guys into your home.

Here are some extremely simple tips that can go a long way to making your home safer.

  1. Mow, prune and maintain your property
    The most obvious benefit here is a great-looking lawn. But did you know that a well-maintained property can also prevent burglary? If you wait too long to mow your lawn, burglars will take this as a possible sign that the home is vacant. The same goes for unruly weeds and bushes. Keep your yard looking great and you'll deter criminals at the same time. Plus, by planting prickly bushes and other shrubbery in front of windows, you'll make it even harder for bad guys to get in.
  2. Lock up
    One of the simplest ways to secure your home is to simply keep your doors and windows locked. With the warm weather, it may be tempting to leave your front door open and allow your children to freely come and go. But this is exactly how accidents happen. You could forget to lock it when leaving the home or going to bed at night. As crazy as it sounds, the front door is one of the most common entry points for burglars. Keep it locked, day and night, to keep the criminals out.
  3.  Light it up
    At night, be sure your home remains well lit. Keeping a couple of today's high-efficiency light bulbs turned on won't do much to your electricity bill. But it will do a lot to prevent intruders. Well-lit homes aren't attractive to burglars, because they can't hide as easily. Also, by putting an interior light on a timer, you create the appearance that someone is always at home and awake – another deterrent for the bad guys.

Enjoy the warm weather this spring, and stay safe! If you're concerned about your home security, give us a call at Security Doctors. We'll show you how an affordable alarm system can protect your loved ones and significantly reduce the chances of burglary.

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