3 Dangers of an Unmonitored Security System

3 dangers of not having a security system

It's no secret that we're in the middle of an exciting tech boom. Within the security industry, we have seen incredible advancements that make our systems better and more secure than ever. And that's just in the last few years alone.

But not all new "security" tech is good. As we enter the "Internet of Things," it seems like dozens of little-known companies are making wireless cameras and other cheap, do-it-yourself surveillance gadgets. While these devices may be neat to play with, they should NOT be a substitute for a professionally installed and monitored home security system.

Countless experts and media outlets have addressed the major security flaws of these devices. From the potential to be hacked, to the overall unreliability, these cameras just don't cut it.

But perhaps the single biggest problem with these cameras is this: they're unmonitored.

What's so dangerous about an unmonitored security system?

  1. Burglars and home invasions going undetected.
    Let's be realistic for a second. If a burglar enters your home in the middle of the night, your cheap wifi camera isn't going to do a thing. Maybe, hours later, after your items have been stolen, you'll watch the footage and see a blurry image of the burglar passing by. What good does that do? Now, consider an even scarier situation: a more violent home invasion by someone who quickly rips through your house and into your bedroom (or your kids' bedrooms). What then? With a monitored security system, the intruder would trip the alarm, which is usually enough to scare them off. But also, trained dispatch specialists would know to send authorities to your home right away.
  2. Fire and smoke destroying everything.
    Whether you're in bed or away, a fire can ravage your home in minutes. The smoke alone can be deadly. It's the leading cause of fire-related fatalities in the home. How does a little wireless camera save you in that scenario? With monitored smoke and fire detectors, you can rest easy knowing your local fire department will be dispatched automatically. So whether you're away or trapped inside a 2nd floor bedroom, you'll get the help you need, even if you're not able to call for it yourself.
  3. Carbon monoxide seeping through your home.
    Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and tasteless. You don't know it's there, and neither does your wifi camera. Even a basic CO detector doesn't always cut it, because the gas can knock you unconscious before you even realize it's happening.

    A monitored CO detector, as part of your Security Doctors Home Security System, enables our 24-7 monitoring center to send help at the first detection of the gas. So even if you're unable to call 9-1-1, help will be on the way.

Don't make the mistake
of using cheap wifi gadgets as a replacement for real home security. Call Security Doctors today to see how we can equip your home with dependable sensors, cameras and fire/smoke/CO detectors, all backed by around-the-clock monitoring by skilled dispatch specialists.

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