10 Signs Your Home is a Catastrophe Waiting to Happen

Think Your Home is Safe?

Think your home is safe?

Think again. Most families do not understand the risks they create when they are not proactive about their home security. Burglaries, fires, home invasions and other crimes happen every day, and the response from homeowners is always the same: "I didn't think it could happen to me."

Here are 10 signs your home is unsafe – and how to fix it.

  1. You're not locking your doors or windows.
    This is a no-brainer. An unlocked door or window is an open invitation for intruders. Lock them every night and every time you leave the house.
  2. You haven't tested your smoke detector in ages.
    Or worse: you've removed the battery! Fatalities from smoke and fire in the home are preventable: test your smoke alarms every few months.
  3. You don't have a carbon monoxide detector.
    We cannot detect carbon monoxide until it makes us sick (or knocks us unconscious), and yet this deadly gas can leak in almost every home. Avoid the risk – get a CO detector!
  4. You don't leave a light on when you're away.
    Turning on a single low-watt, energy-efficient light bulb when you're away or asleep at night can help to keep the bad guys away.
  5. You're leaving stuff in the yard.
    Leaving things in the yard, such as garden tools or toys, attract the attention of burglars and send a signal that you're lax about securing your home.
  6. You're hiding a key under the mat.
    This is the first place an intruder is likely to check!
  7. You're leaving blinds and curtains open at night.
    Close curtains to prevent burglars from seeing your possessions or staking out the interior of your home.
  8. Your mail is overflowing from the mailbox.
    A pile of mail is a sign that nobody is home. Collect your mail daily, or have someone collect it when you're away.
  9. You're blabbing about vacations on Facebook.
    Don't tell the world that you're not at home. Keep your vacation plans and pictures under wraps until you return.
  10. You don't have a home security system.
    A monitored home security system provides protection against burglars, fire, carbon monoxide and many other dangers. Plus, simply having an alarm system installed can make your home up to 20x less likely to be burglarized.

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