10 Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is almost here again! That means it's time once again to go over some important safety tips. As your little ghosts and goblins get ready for trick-or-treating, it's important to talk to them about ways to stay safe as they go door to door.

Halloween can be frighteningly fun for the whole family, but what's truly scary is the thought that your child could be injured or abducted.

Use these tips to ensure a fun, safe night for everyone:

  1. Walk in groups or with an adult.
    Don't let your child go alone. Go with them or connect with a larger group. This will make everyone more visible to cars and will also prevent the chances of someone going missing.
  2. Take a flashlight.
    Use a flashlight so your can see where they're going and also be more visible to cars.
  3. Add reflective tape to costumes or candy bags. 
    Starting to get the idea? Visibility is crucial! Dark costumes are hard for motorists to see. Do whatever you can to make them more visible in the dark.
  4. Examine all treats. 
    Always check for tampering and choking hazards before letting your kids eat their candy.
  5. Use established crosswalks and look both ways.
    Avoid crossing in the middle of a road. Use crosswalks and instruct your children to always look both ways.
  6. Stay on sidewalks.
    In small neighborhoods, it may seem safe to walk in the street, but it's always best to use the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the side facing traffic, so you can see all cars coming.
  7. Enter homes with an adult.
    Instruct your child to not only enter a home unless you are with them.
  8. Make sure costumes fit well.
    Fix loose-fitting costumes to prevent trips. Make sure masks do not obstruct your child's vision.
  9. Lock all windows and doors.
    When you're out trick-or-treating, and at the end of the night, be sure that all windows are closed and locked.
  10. Turn off the front light.
    When you're done accepting trick-or-treaters (usually by around 8 p.m.), turn off your front exterior light to signify that you have no more candy. But keep the lights on inside, so that your home doesn't look vacant.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!

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